Underground Tanks

This tank with giant capacity consists of three layers made of high density polyethylene.
1. Outer black layer gives the tank strength and hardness.

2. Foam layer provides thermal insulation for the tank.

3. Inner white smooth layer to prevent formation of algae in the tank.

Mechanical, Physical & Thermal  Properties


• It consists of independent units with a capacity of 5,000 liters by unit, and when they are  
assembled they form a giant capacity exceeding 100,000 liters.

• The unique and effective design of this type of tanks ensures that there will be no liquid  leakage
in future.

• The units can be transferred to the installation site directly from the factory, and the company’s
specialized technical team will assemble and install them at the site.

• It is suitable for storing most types of liquids such as water or most chemical substance, as
requested by the client.

Types of Assembly

1- Linear Assembly

2- Multiple Assembly

Anchoring Method
to prevent floatation

Benifits of underground tanks

Technical Comparison Table

1- Size: Unlimited. Construction can be made from 10,000 liters and above.

2- Durability: It was designed to withstand stresses as buried underground. Study shows that polyethylene material durability can reach up to 50 years.

3- Water Tightness: Leakage-free and free of infiltration. No welding in the connections. All connections are durably sealed. Modules are one-piece molded.

4- Chemical Resistance: Raw material- high density polyethylene (HDPE) is resistant to most chemicals; especially highly corrosive chemicals like strong acids and heavy oils. According to the table provide by SABIC.

5- Health & Safety – All raw material  are food-graded . Polyethylene is a recyclable material. with no manufacturing waste.

6- Maintenance: Easy to clean and maintain. Due to its modular characteristic, replacement for any defective part/module is easy. There is no need to replace the whole tank.

7- Handling & Transport: Easy to handle and transport. Tank can be transported in modules and assembly can be done on site. Lightweight tank yet very durable.

8- Reasonable cost

Installation Procedures

1- Excavate a hole on the specified location of the installation. Installation depth should not
exceed 60 cm from ground level to the top wall of the tank.

Note: In the case of underground water should coordination with the companys engineers.
The power of groundwater able to raise the tanks from its place even the concrete tanks.

2- Position the tank on the hole.

3- Install fittings and other required pipeworks. Pipeworks should not add undue loading to the tank since any aperture under long-term loading is likely to affect the tank performance or might lead to stress cracking.

4- Start backfilling with water filling in the tank as done simultaneously. Backfilling must be progressively added in layers (50 cm thick) and so with the level of water filling. Backfill should be dry sand and should not contain large rocks or sharp objects which are likely to contact with the wall of the tank.

5- Ensure that the underside of the tank has minimal voids and thus the tank is adequately supported. The backfill should not be unduly compacted. Last layer backfill should be only up to the top level of the manhole extension below the thread while water filling is only up to the top level of the main tank cylindrical shell.
Ensure that the area above and around the tank should be protected from vehicular loads and not subject to significant surcharge or point loading. For concrete pavement construction above the tank, make sure that the tank does not carry the weight of the concrete pavement.

6- The tank has been successfully installed!

( This tank shall be used only as UNDERGROUND and NOT as aboveground tank )

10,000 10,000 L 1,83 4,905
15,000 15,000 L 1,83 7,04
20.000 20.000 L 1,83 9.32
25.000 25.000 L 1,83 11.60
30.000 30.000 L 1,83 13.88
35.000 35.000 L 1,83 16.16
40.000 40.000 L 1,83 18.44
45.000 45.000 L 1,83 20.72
50.000 50.000 L 1,83 23.00
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