using cementitious


Insulating the concrete by using the cement materials

Preparation before starting the insulation :
•    The concrete surface bust be rough so that the pores are open to ensure the penetration and sticking strength .

Work steps :
•    Eliminating the weak concrete and the additional pumps , also the greens so that it reaches the solid concrete and to be processed by max plug substance or anything similar .
•    Breaking and making an angle with depth of 3*3 cm at the point walls intersection with floors and to be processed by max plug or anything similar
•    Painting the two layers perpendicular of the cement substance maxseil super or anything similar.

Note :
The weak concrete types need special injection works which is available at ALzamil company .
After insulation :
•    Spreading for five days after finishing the execution and to increase the sticking and penetration.
•    Casting concrete layer  to protect the floors and not be scratched  .
•    Floors  painting .

Important note :
The used cement substances will be supplied by Alzamil company from the best cement insulation manufacture in the words and the best quality .

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