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With BQ you upon for a German product, product under German standards, according to German DIN 8077/8078, DIN EN 15874.
The high-quality material PP-R suitable for drinking water applications as well as for heating installations and for air-condition systems.
In comparison to another thermoplastics like PE and PVC owns a temperature resistance up to 100 C ( for a short time up to 120 C for systems without pressure)/ PP-R shows a clearly below toughness in comparison to PP-H.
For BQ products we use only first grade PP-R quality. we can keep our quality promises compared those who use non spec or spot market qualities.
Our pipes pass the required 1000 h pressure test over incomparable 4000 h.


The external supervision of PP-R pipe system of BQ is carried out by :

IMA Materialforshung und Anwendungstechmik Gmbh,Dresden                                 
Hygiene-inshtut des Ruhrgebietes, Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Authorized by DVGW (German Institute for Gas and Water ) as controlling organization.

Authorized by WRAS.

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PP-R Manifold’s
  1. Environmental friendly, healthy and non-toxic, no sealant, odorless, free of stains and scales.  
  2. Lower price, better new raw material than traditional copper and stainless steel, promote the technology of “plastic in place of steel”.
  3. Adopting hot welding connection for excellent welding quality of pipes and fittings, leakage effectively prevented.
  4. Light weight (approximately one eighth of metal pipes weight)
  5. High temperature resistance (maximum water temperature up to 90°C) and excellent ability in chemical corrosion resistance.
  6. The wall thickness is thick enough, good aging resistance. Over 50 years of service life under normal conditions
  7. Installation is useful in maintenance cases, which means that if there is maintenance

at one of the water points in the kitchen or bathrooms, you can close one of the existing valves.


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